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If you require a specific cash amount to be placed with this gift (not represented in the drop-down) please call or message us to create your order

Wowser!!! WE PUT YOUR MESSAGE INSIDE A COCONUT!!! Imagine the excitement of receiving a message in a Coconut! Just like walking the beach on a hot summer day with the sun in your face and the wind blowing through your hair ... and there it is ... a Coconut with a message in it! What's in it? What does the note say? How exciting! For the price of a nice bouquet of flowers (extremely nice!) you can create an exciting memory by sending a Memory in a Coconut !!! A fantastic way to create a memory, send a message (we write it on parchment paper), gift certificate or money to someone special. We place your message and/or monetary gift INSIDE the Coconut and nestle the Coconut carefully into a gold crinkle cut packing material packed in a white gift box, ready to surprise your significant other, son, daughter, the dog catcher or whoever!!! How cool is that??? A Memory INSIDE a coconut ... HOW COOL IS THAT ???

Vip Memory In A Coconut