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The "WOW" Factor

I've always been a sentimental softly about creating memories for family, friends and people in general. After all, memories of the good times and bad times may be all we have left at the end of our life. My motto has always been "Life is Good" and that's what we celebrate here at VIP Coconut, the good life. What better way to celebrate the "Good Life" is to give a coconut with a message in it? How cool is that???

Another memory created!!!

Receiving a coconut with a message and maybe a monetary gift inside for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, birth announcements, promotions ... you can even announce a divorce with a message in a coconut!!!

Holy Chihuahua!!! We can insert your message or even yet, put a $100 bill in a coconut, nestle it in excelsior, place it in a hand-made wooden crate and send it to the recipient of your choice. How cool is that???

Another memory created!!! 


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